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TUSK Partners Announces DSO Workshop in San Francisco

Posted by Kevin Cumbus on May 7, 2019 1:45:00 PM



Strategic Consulting and M&A Advisory Firm to Host “Hands On” Learning Conference for Doctor-Led Group Dental Practices

CHARLOTTE, NC – May 3, 2019 – TUSK Partners, the fastest growing middle market consulting and M&A advisory firm in the dental industry, today announced publicly a new seminar format intended to aid in the education of group dental practice owners and leaders.  The innovative program format will be designed around a business owner bringing all applicable data from his or her group practice and applying the concepts immediately while on site.  The “DSO Workshop” joins a list of other industry-leading services TUSK provides to group dental practices and DSOs.

Founded in 2016, TUSK Partners is focused on driving greater value for buyers and sellers of group dental practices through customized programs targeting key moments in the lifecycle of practice owners. The DSO Workshop is TUSK’s newest educational format developed out of a recurring scenario within the industry – educational conferences offering lecture-based formats with little application after the attendee returns to their business. It is a custom-crafted program format based on sharing leading industry knowledge that will be oriented toward application.

“There is a wealth of content in the marketplace these days and a DSO conference seemingly every weekend,” said Kevin Cumbus, Co-founder and Partner, TUSK Partners. “We’ve attended almost all of them; spoken at many of them; and even hosted our own.    We wanted to do something different.  What we were hearing from the attendees was that it was challenging to actually apply what they learned when they returned home, so we went for a different format with a totally different expectation – hands on learning!”

TUSK-DSOWorkshop_LinkedInSharedImage_1104x736-01The DSO Workshop will combine a lecture format with breakout sessions based on subject matter as well as audience characteristics.  The intent is to tailor the content to the audience based on where they are in their development.  Attendees will work with their own reports, numbers and issues, and will build their own “Monday Action Plan” for their return home. 

“We’ve had the opportunity to work with many different groups in our Blueprints for Scale Strategic Consulting program, and we’ve identified challenges common to all of them as well as rather unique scenarios that all create teachable opportunities,” said Diwakar Sinha, Co-Founder and Partner at TUSK.  “Our goal is to take all of that experiential knowledge and share it in several different formats: lectures for concept; case studies; and personal ‘hands on’ application.  This is going to be an intense two days for everyone – presenter and attendee alike!”

The TUSK 2019 DSO Workshop will take place on September 12&13 and will be hosted at the Westin St Francis in Union Square.  For more information on the subject matter as well as registration, please access the link HERE.

About TUSK Partners:
TUSK Partners is the leading dental middle market consulting and M&A advisory firm, providing industry-leading resources to help clients START, GROW and SELL their Group Dental Practice or DSO.  We work with emerging U.S. group dental practices of 2-to-25 locations that are doctor-founded and debt-funded, advising them on growth opportunities, capital sourcing and exit strategies. We combine historical experience with a progressive vision for our evolving industry in order to create the greatest value for our clients. For an overview of our services, please click HERE or visit our website, blog or YouTube channel. 

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