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DSO Fundamentals & Industry Trends (Video)

Posted by Kevin Cumbus on Oct 18, 2017 6:55:53 PM

Are DSOs really going to take over the practice of dentistry? 

No, but there are a number of legitimate reasons why they've become so incredibly popular over the last several years.  We've been asked to speak to numerous groups of people over the last year and all of them - regardless of whether they were dentists, industry consultants, sales professionals or clinical professionals - have had the same questions:dreamstime_xl_32531600.jpg

  • How did all of this start?
  • What are the reasons behind it?
  • Why is everyone so interested in forming a group or DSO?
  • And, most importantly, do I want to get involved in it? 

We've tried to condense our "DSO Fundamentals" educational series into two 30-minute recorded webinars in an effort to share our knowledge with you.  This foundational content is timely and relevant regardless of your background or your role in the industry.  We've broken it down into two "manageable chunks" and we hope you learn a lot from both of them!

Click here to watch the first video on "Dental Industry Trends."

All the best and continued success!  

Have questions on anything related to DSOs or the dental industry?  Feel free to reach out to me at perrin@tuskbrokerage.com to continue discussion on these topics or any others related to trends in our industry.  TUSK is a practice brokerage, strategy and M&A advisory firm specializing in the dental market. 

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