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Josh Swearingen

Josh Swearingen

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Batting Cleanup...

Posted by Josh Swearingen on Mar 29, 2022 7:51:06 AM

A baseball reference… which is funny, considering I’m not even remotely interested in the sport. The term… 3 solid hitters starting off the batting order, and then a fourth, batting cleanup has the opportunity for the grand slam, or to knock a runner in… Often the best hitter in the lineup, they certainly have the best opportunity for run production.

So, how in the world does this apply to dentistry? 

You’ve built a successful business. You’re heading down the home stretch and are trying to figure out if it’s time to sell… how to sell… what type of preparation needs to be done heading into a sales process? How do you undertake such a process, without upsetting the performance of the practice(s), while maintaining your team and ensuring you receive a maximum valuation on the back end? How do you hit a grand slam when selling your business? 

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Tags: Company News, Dental Practice Brokerage, Dental Practice Selling, Selling your dental practice DSO, how much is my dental practice worth?

Now Is The Time...

Posted by Josh Swearingen on Mar 3, 2022 9:40:18 AM

Now Is The Time…

M&A is a largely cyclical business… Deals get brought to the table, and a vast percentage of them end up closing either in Q4, or even the week between Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. Everyone is incentivized to get things done before the change of the calendar! However, what further incentivization may exist as we look at spots that don’t traditionally fall in line with the natural cycle of the market?

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Tags: Dental Practice Selling, Selling your dental practice DSO, how much is my dental practice worth?

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